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Iowa Mixing and Process Equipment Company, Inc., "IMPEC", offers a wide variety of high quality, industrial and commercial mixing, dispersing, material handling and processing machinery. IMPEC horizontal paddle and ribbon mixers are typically used with dry, free flowing ingredients such as powders, granules, pellets and fibers. Damp mixes, semi-liquid slurries and pastes are also mixed successfully in our machines.

In addition to our own line of mixers and dispersion units, we furnish custom fit replacement agitators for many types of mixers, plus a variety of kits, parts and accessories for repairing and modifying existing equipment or for building new machinery. We also provide contract-manufacturing services for specialized, short run parts and assemblies.

This site offers general information about our products and services. IMPEC welcomes the opportunity to work with you to develop and supply equipment for unique applications, pilot plants test labs and daily production operations. The "Process Inquiry" page contains a worksheet for organizing basic information to help determine which equipment is best suited for your use. We invite you to contact us directly regarding applications, quotations and design considerations.
Impec Mixers
Impec Mixers
Impec Mixers

Impec Mixers
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