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IMPEC, Inc. began its tenth year of business in February 2004. From Fortune 500 corporations and businesses certified to ISO 9001, to smaller pilot plants and start-up operations, IMPEC has served the needs of many different types of companies. In addition to our own machinery and products, we have furnished various repair parts and assemblies for other mixer brands, including obsolete models.

Our experience spans more than sixty years in the design and manufacture of industrial/commercial mixing and processing equipment. During that time, we have seen many changes take place in the complexity and utilization of mixing and processing equipment. Process goals in the last forty years have required higher levels of performance in an ever increasing and diverse range of applications. IMPEC offers versatile, quality built equipment with attention to detail from early design concepts through manufacture. Our paddle mixers are designed to mix fast, increasing output per shift while reducing operating costs and component wear. In addition, our equipment can be maintained and repaired without factory support.

In addition to the items represented on this site, IMPEC will build specialized machinery, parts and assemblies for specific needs. We welcome the opportunity to work with purchasing, engineering and maintenance personnel to help determine new equipment requirements, modify existing machinery and solve processing problems. IMPEC can supply most everything from small component parts, to individual machines and complete, turn-key processing system packages.

IMPEC is located in the East Central Iowa town of Marion, nearly equal distance from the cities of Chicago, Minneapolis/St.Paul, Omaha, Kansas City and St.Louis. The company is owned and operated by its founders, each having over 30 years of experience in the mixing industry. IMPEC's goal is to provide practical, easy to maintain, high quality equipment and helpful, courteous technical support to companies of all sizes, in all types of industry.
Impec Mixers - Over 60 Years of Industry Experience
3575 Industrial Avenue • PO Box 501 • Marion, Iowa USA
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