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Construction Features

•  Experienced personnel, quality workmanship and attention to detail. Impec Mixers - Construction Features
Impec Mixers - Construction Features
•  Mixers available with removable end plate to facilitate future agitator service or replacement (typically furnished on non-sanitary models).
•  Stuffing box-type shaft seals with removable housing for cleaning, inspection or service. Supplied in purged or non-purged designs as required. Versatile, heavy duty stainless steel mounting plates on all machines allow a wide range of gland-type or sophisticated mechanical cartridge sealing systems to be installed anytime.
•  Covers include hinged access doors with built-in back stops. Durable silicone foam rubber gasketing and toggle locking clamps assure dust tight seal.
•  Butterfly-type discharge valve is standard. Other valve types available to suit application. All discharge valves furnished with guarded outlets.
•  Instructions housed in watertight/dustproof stainless steel tube attached to machine.
•  ASME National Board certification and full documentation on all bolt-on heating/cooling jackets and integral jacketed vessels.
•  Only certified weld filler metals and alloys are used in the construction of all our products.
•  We make use of the latest CNC, laser and abrasive waterjet technologies to assure that accurate components go into our equipment and assemblies.
•  IMPEC mixers may be repaired and maintained without using factory parts.

Standard shaft seal supplied on an IMPEC mixer is a variation of a stuffing box design. Other designs including simple lip seals, split gland or full mechanical types are also available as required. All seals use a heavy stainless steel mounting ring welded to the mixer end plate. Horizontal and vertical ribs reinforce the end plate. The mounting ring design allows the seal to be completely disassembled and moved back for cleaning and inspection. Shaft runout, measured at the mounting ring, is .000" to .002".
Impec Mixers - Shaft Seal
Assembled Seal
Impec Mixers - Shaft Seal Seal Housing Pulled Away from Mounting Ring

Paddle Mixers
IMPEC paddle mixers provide near complete discharge of product because of close blade-to-trough clearances.

Impec Mixers - Paddle Mixers
All welded paddles eliminates pockets and crevices which can trap ingredients, making it difficult to clean between batches.
Impec Mixers - Paddle Mixers
Bolted, adjustable paddles allow blade clearance to be maintained in abrasive applications.

Standard Safety Features
  • Sturdy safety grates in covers and access openings.

  • Discharge outlet guards.

  • Full coverage guards over V-belt drives and shaft couplings. Additional guards available for exposed shafts and bearings as required.

  • Safety interlock switches on all access doors and safety grates. Available in mechanical, proximity and magnetic-type. Explosion proof may not be available on proximity type switches.

  • Each machine includes laminated hazard warning placard, durable warning decals with graphics and complete instruction manual to help communicate potentially hazardous areas and promote safe operation and maintenance. Remember, safe installation, operation and maintenance, are the responsibility of the owner, contractor, user, installer and their employees.

  • Other Services and Constructions Available
  • Component documentation can be furnished to comply with ISO certification requirements.

  • USDA/FDA approved ground and polished surfaces for sanitary applications. Finishes to #8 mirror available

  • Email updates with digital photos to track progress of machine construction.

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