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Safety/Terms and Conditions

This site is provided by Iowa Mixing and Process Equipment Company, Inc. (IMPEC) as a guide only and contains product and company information for further investigation by Buyers, Users and Agents having technical expertise. The information, descriptions and representations set forth in this site are offered solely for consideration, inquiry and reference and are not in whole or in part to be construed as constituting a warranty or guarantee, either expressed or implied, of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose, nor shall they form or be a part of any bargain with IMPEC, Inc. Any photos, samples or models shown to or provided by the Buyer, User or Agent are used merely as examples to illustrate the general description and type of goods and not to guarantee that the goods will conform exactly to the photos, samples or models. Buyer/User shall ultimately determine the suitability of the equipment or parts ordered for a particular purpose and assume all risks in connection thereof.

Important Safety Reminder: IMPEC, Inc. does not install, use or maintain the products it manufactures or furnishes. Any machine or device by the nature of its purpose is potentially hazardous to people. IMPEC cannot know or have reason to know, the ultimate use of its products by the purchaser nor does it have information regarding owners' plant operations and practices. It is therefore the responsibility of the owner, contractor, user, installer and their employees to install, operate and maintain this and any machinery or equipment in compliance with the Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA) and the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) safety codes, as well as with state and local laws and ordinances. IMPEC insists that mechanically disconnecting and locking out electrical power, disabling drive units and disconnecting air and hydraulic lines at the point of use, are the only sure protections against serious injury. Untrained, inexperienced and unauthorized personnel must always be prohibited from contact and should not install, operate or maintain this equipment.

Orders, inquiries and requests for technical support may be placed by phone, mail, email, FAX or in person. Correspondence by phone is handled between 8:00AM and 5:00PM (Central Time) Monday through Friday, except holidays. Orders for special or custom designed equipment and accessories typically require drawing approval and a non-refundable security deposit. Verbal orders are accepted at the customer's risk. Any fees charged for quotations and drawings will be credited to a subsequent order. Buyers of machinery, assemblies and certain individual parts typically receive written order confirmations.

Terms for account balances are Net 30 Days from date of shipment to rated firms or those with prior credit approval. All payments must be made in US dollars. We may request payment before shipment or ship "C.O.D." if credit is not established or approved in advance. A late payment charge of 1% per month may be assessed on all unpaid balances over 30 days old. The Buyer shall be liable for any and all state and local taxes, which may or may not be collected by IMPEC.

All prices are FOB Marion, Iowa, USA unless stated otherwise. Formal quotations are typically valid for 30 days from the date of the quote unless otherwise noted. All orders will be billed according to current prices in effect on the day we receive your order. Market fluctuations and supplier limitations make it necessary for IMPEC to reserve the right to modify prices and purchase conditions without notice.

Shipments can be made via UPS, airfreight, motor freight or customer pick-up. Many modes of transportation are available. We can help you decide the best way. Parts orders received by 2:00PM (Central Time) are usually shipped the same day for parts in stock. A handling charge may be added to some orders. IMPEC shall not be held liable for shipping delays beyond its control.

All products are carefully packaged and shipped from our plant in excellent condition. The customer must make claims for loss or damage in transit. The shipper cannot file a claim for you. Contact your local delivering carrier immediately after discovery of damaged goods. Save original cartons for inspection. Truck shipments may require description of damage noted on the freight bill at time of delivery. In all cases, inspect crates and packages carefully before signing delivery receipt. Advise us as soon as possible if replacement is required, so we can reship your order.

All returns must have prior approval and be made within 30 days from date of shipment. Please call our office for return instructions. A restocking or handling charge may be applied to returned items. IMPEC typically does not buy back unused equipment but we may be able to help you locate a buyer. Please call our office for further information and assistance.

IMPEC, Inc. (Iowa Mixing & Process Equipment Co., Inc.) is dedicated to providing quality products, services and complete customer satisfaction to the best of its abilities. Products manufactured by IMPEC, Inc.are guaranteed to the original owner to be adequate for their intended use and free from defects in materials and workmanship for 90 days after date of installation/start-up and not more than 180 days from date of shipment, unless stated otherwise. This warranty does not apply to parts subjected to misuse or those subjected to, corrosion or abrasive wear i.e. U-troughs; tanks; pumps; conveyors; agitator shafts, arms, paddles and fasteners; chopper drive shafts, impellers and knife blades; shaft seal gland packing and components. IMPEC's only responsibility is the repair or replacement of parts found to be defective and shall not include installation labor costs or loss of equipment service time. Individual manufacturers' warranty policies will apply to components supplied to IMPEC by its vendors. IMPEC, Inc. gives no other warranties, expressed or implied, on any product it sells except as expressly given by the manufacturers of component parts used in its assemblies.

IMPEC, Inc. makes no expressed or implied process guarantee. There is no warranty of merchant ability or fitness for a particular purpose. Purchaser shall ultimately determine the suitability of the equipment or parts ordered and assume all responsibility in connection thereof. IMPEC, Inc., its agents and its suppliers cannot know or have reason to know the exact or ultimate use of its parts and equipment by the purchaser.

IMPEC, Inc., its agents and its suppliers shall not assume any liability for any injury, loss or damage, direct or indirect, to any person or property, arising out of the use, misuse, inability to use, unauthorized use or modification of any item sold by us. IMPEC, Inc., its agents and its suppliers are not responsible for any damages resulting from an election to use parts or equipment considered to be questionable, defective or inadequate by the user. Owner is responsible for the capabilities, training and safety of installation, operation and maintenance personnel. Untrained, inexperienced and unauthorized personnel must always be prohibited from contact with this equipment.

Our catalogs, website and brochures are furnished as guides only for the convenience of buyers, users and agents having technical expertise. Items and equipment not shown in our literature may also be available from IMPEC, Inc. Contact our office for specific needs. We reserve the right to add, discontinue or change product offerings without notice and to correct errors in layout, printing and specifications.

All documents and drawings from IMPEC are copyrighted and contain and/or refer to proprietary information which may not be reproduced, copied, published or distributed to a third party without the express written consent of an officer of IMPEC, Inc.

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