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IMPEC High Speed Choppers and Intensifiers

Choppers and intensifiers are externally mounted dispersion units commonly used for breaking up damp or dry compacted materials such as lumps, balls and agglomerates that are otherwise difficult to disperse by conventional agitation during normal mixing. Choppers and intensifiers can be adapted to batch and continuous mixers of all types and feature a variety of horsepowers, shaft speeds, impeller types and mounting bracket designs.

Impec High Speed Choppers

Typical Applications

Bakery mixes: Blending shortening into powdered ingredients to produce lump-free mixes.

Pigment dispersal: Breaking up pigment chunks into powder, granule or pellet color mixes.

Pharmaceuticals: Mixing viscous liquids with powders, which would otherwise ball up or coat particles.

Fibers: Expanding matted natural and synthetic fibrous materials added to resins and powders.

Impec High Speed Choppers

Impec High Speed Choppers

As the mixer agitator rotates, ingredients are constantly circulated toward the impeller. Spinning at high speed, the impeller cutting edges shear through and break up compacted materials, dispersing them into the mix. This results in shorter batch times and more thorough mixing of all ingredients.

Impec High Speed Choppers
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