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A significant consideration in buying any piece of equipment is to get your money's worth so it can be used for as many years as possible. It is important to note that the majority of IMPEC's mixing equipment has few parts that would ever need to be replaced with reasonable use and maintenance. Unless the ingredients being processed are highly abrasive or caustic or if cross contamination between batches is a concern, the need for repair parts is minimal. It is also important to note that IMPEC has furnished more repair parts and assemblies for other mixers, including obsolete models, than for its own products. Our decades of experience has made it possible for us to supply many parts for several makes and types of mixing equipment without needing factory drawings or historical information.

Some of the mixer parts, assemblies and equipment we have furnished include:
  • Complete custom-fit replacement paddle and ribbon agitator assemblies, agitator arm & paddle kits as well as individual paddle blades.

  • Complete shaft seal assemblies, wear sleeves, shaft seal packing and internal parts sets.

  • Accessory equipment such as High Speed Chopper Dispersion Units, Liquid Addition Systems including spray manifolds and pumping units; Discharge valve conversion kits.

  • Power transmission items, including motors, bearings, gear-drive units, V-belts, pulleys, couplings.

  • Material handling equipment including: screw conveyors, bucket elevators, tanks, hoppers, spouting and packaging machinery.

Parts for IMPEC mixers & equipment may be obtained the following ways:

(1)  Have replacements already on hand by ordering a set of recommended spare parts to be sent with the new machine. We can suggest those parts which most likely will be needed in the future by considering the ingredient characteristics and process requirements. This is usually the most convenient and cost effective means. This also reduces down time.


Purchase parts as needed directly from us. Contact us anytime by phone, fax or email.


Make needed repairs using the services of local machine shops or millwrights. IMPEC designed its mixers for repairability and longevity without the necessity for factory parts or support. The types of equipment that companies like ours manufacture are not computers or space shuttles. These are comparatively simple, slow moving machines that can provide reliable, trouble free service for many years. While some of the design and engineering is proprietary, the component parts and weldments are relatively simple. Our instruction booklets contain parts lists with detailed descriptions. We do not remove or paint over identification tags attached to bearings, motors, drive units, valves or other components connected to our machinery. Furthermore, there isn't any part on any piece of our equipment that cannot be reverse engineered and duplicated by any competent machine shop, millwright or maintenance department, independent of the factory.

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